7 April 2013


The doors to the Pantheon, Rome. Light is streaming through the oculus inside. It’s as if God is just quietly waiting for you to come in.

The product of a delayed flight, a tired body, and a sorrowful heart, I came across this book in the Rome Ciampino airport bookstall-

“Such journeys have convinced me that it is not always possible to restore one’s boundaries after they have been blurred and made permeable by a relationship: try as we might, we cannot reconstitute ourselves as the autonomous beings we previously imagined ourselves to be. Something of us is now outside and something of the outside is now within us. Perhaps you have had no comparable experience, for you are gazing at me as though at a raving madman. I do not mean to say that we are all one, and indeed as will soon become evident to you I am not opposed to the building of walls to shield oneself from harm; I merely wished to explain certain aspects of my behavior upon my return.”

The Reluctant Fundamentalist, Mohsin Hamid


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