There are three roads in Metro Manila

28 December 2010

which are perfect for the long mindless drive: Katipunan, with special emphasis on the stretch from where Ateneo ends to the part where the road rises  gently until the part you reach the speed  tunnels; C5, the portion which branches off from South Super Highway and snakes its way across level land until you reach the giant elevated U-turns (and heavy traffic); and, discovered just today, Commonwealth Avenue, any stretch thereof. Edsa would have been a contender but driving along Edsa always seemed to require a businesslike purpose, something which should be wholly and happily absent from the drive. You’d think Quezon Avenue would be decent with its singular intersection, but the road is riddled with u-turn slots that you have to weave your way in and out of cars and jeeps turning and stalling and waiting. 

There is nothing like the mindless drive to clear the head, and for two years now it’s probably my favorite, and only mildly guilt-ridden, mind-clearing activity. It’s best if you really have nowhere to go, and have nothing but a healthy disregard for time. It’s a wonderful place to go to, which is saying, going nowhere at all: it’s driving away from clutter, and going towards empty space, or maybe a destination in your head, a decision to make, or a reality to overcome.


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