14 March 2010

“There was a radio in the cab of the truck and it was playing “One” by U2. I knew this song. It was always playing in our home. This is because the men came from the city one day and they gave us clockwork radios, one to each family in the village. We were supposed to wind them up and listen to the World Service from the BBC, but my sister Nkiruka turned ours in to the Port Harcourt music station instead. We used to fight over the little windup box because I liked to listen to the news and the current affairs. But now that I was hiding in the jungle behind the beach I wished I had never fought with my sister. Nkiruka loved music and now I saw she was right because life is extremely short and you cannot dance to current affairs.”

– Little Bee, in Little Bee, by Chris Cleave

If your face is swollen from the severe beatings of life, smile and pretend to be a fat man.

– Nigerian proverb

“That is a good trick.”


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