29 April 2009

4.26.09: i’ve forgotten so many things: the way that words are supposed to flow out of a page and create a world around your oblivious reader self, until you just look up and there you are in the story; the way a song can be like an old friend reminding you of the exact moment you first met; the way a first kiss is supposed to feel light and magical and is to completely end your life as you know it; the way soft agedashi tofu fills your mouth and slides over your tongue; the way a book can capture you for hours and you’d be a perfectly happy hostage; the way a 3am chill wind nips at your nose as you walk back to your apartment, and still the city is wide awake and sharp-witted; the way the warmth of liquor settles in your belly, you being the contented clam sitting on a balcony overlooking a university town; the way it feels to be stranded in a new foreign city with no acquaintances and just a map; the way it feels to be excited every morning literally not knowing who you might run into, or spend the day with; the way the color yellow feels;the way sunlight rubs your shoulders; the way blades of grass can graze and cut the hand that you run across them.


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