time for a little quiet

30 December 2008

I’ve been spending the last few days of this holiday break reading at home. In our house there’s always some noise in one form or another—my mom calling for this or that, salesmen yelling for whoever’s wanted on the phone, the dogs joining in the constant clamor fray. It’s only quiet on Sundays, when the office is closed and everyone wakes up late, and this past week has been like one blessed Sunday after another. The air is cool and unhurried sunlight fills the rooms, warm waves lapping at the edge of the blankets every morning. I’ve memorized the times of day when I like the sunlight best – 523a (which is right before I fall asleep) when the rays are still tentative and uncertain, and everything is swathed in grainy softness, 445p when the light looks like it’s gathering itself to rise up a fiery phoenix, among others. These days I’m finding myself inclined to talk less, sometimes even think less, simply herding thoughts instead and leaving them to pasture. I’ve also been revisiting old favorites – somehow everything comes with expiry dates, observes Cop 223 (thanks for the original dvd, b.); I lost some time once, it’s always in the last place you look for it, states Delirium; love like an arsonist/ steals into my life and burns down all my tenements, certifies Gamalinda. In a week I start work, and the real ‘real’ world finally breaks open, and once I embark I don’t think I’ll be looking back. A change, sings Sam Cooke, has been a long time comin’.


2 Responses to “time for a little quiet”

  1. b. said

    Hey B.
    So ready to face real life?

    You’re gonna make a killing, I’m sure :)

    I had the most horrible dream last night. I was looking at a list in the net, I used the search option to find my name, typed it, and didn’t find it. It was really terrible.

  2. happycamper said

    i could make a killing. : p

    that is a horrible dream. i had one similar to that, i saw in the list several surnames similar to my own but did not find my first name. ugh.

    for now, i still have a few precious hours left of hiding out. talk to you tomorrow b : )

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