Cities like sculptured sets

27 October 2008

When I was younger I used to devour the Childcraft series of books. For the longest time the only image I had in my head of Rio de Janeiro was that of a dark young girl in a summer dress walking across a vast decorated sidewalk, made with tiles and pebbles that created dark and light wave patterns on the ground. Childcraft said it was those things that made Rio de Janeiro one of the most beautiful cities in the world, so of course I wanted to go there right away. But lo, Largo de Senado almost fulfilled one of my childhood dreams. Its surrounding streets are paved in small tiles that make elaborate patters on the ground, so pervasive that they almost seem offhand. In Macao, built largely by the Portuguese and inhabited by mostly the Chinese, old Mediterranean-European style buildings sit next to Chinese apothecaries and furniture shops. Every sign is translated into at least three languages. It’s a little unsettling at first to look at all these Portuguese architecture and find a stream of Chinese people walk, live and work around them.



“After the handover of Hong Kong to China in 1997, several of Hong Kong’s notorious gangs, or triads, relocated to Macao. The warfare spilled into the streets, and at one point got so outrageous that the most notorious triad leader, Wan Kuok-koi, nicknamed Broken Tooth, financed a movie in which one of Hong Kong’s most handsome actors played him, as a hero.”


In HK they have an LV store that’s three stories high, filled with the finest LV products. I didn’t care much for the bags, but the clothes were a dream. They had this fantastic trench coat in a mild aquamarine color, and the front panels gently curved instead of dropping straight down. It was all light wool and soft detailing on the collars and the sleeves. It also cost fifty thousand hk dollars; that’s about 200 thousand pesos to us normal folk. It wasn’t the first time I’ve lusted for a coat. [And speaking of desire– here’s a short film by Bruno Aveillan for LV. Here’s the shorter version.] Travel always makes me forget the petty things. 


6 Responses to “Cities like sculptured sets”

  1. b. said

    Macao seems divine. Travel is titillating, almost.

  2. happycamper said

    “titillating”, hmm. : p

  3. happycamper said

    um. yeah. i don’t know why either. heh : )

  4. b. said

    Haha, it is. It gives you that particular high :)

    I’m loving your recent entries. You write like the breeze, bunny, light and refreshing.

  5. happycamper said

    Yes, titillating! But of course. : ) Hindi naman kita nilaglag dun : p

    Aww, thanks bunny! I love your writing too : )

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