Getting the short end in the trifecta of sin

15 October 2008

You know how it is, when there’s this one small thing in your head that keeps bothering you. Nothing earth-shattering by now, but it just niggles you at the back of your mind because it’s something you can’t quite figure out, can’t—what’s the phrase—quite wrap your head around. It’s one of those things that could go either way, really, or in a shower of so many other ways. And yet there’s this part of you that realizes, what the hell, maybe you’d rather not know, because the truth is probably much worse than any other possibility you’ve conjured up, or will more likely than not fall within the distasteful ones. And you’d just get really disappointed, and who wants that? You don’t really want the way you see people, certain people, to change. You like seeing people in a good light. For someone who always wanted to know everything, this was a trippy exception. So you end up, like so—some days you’d just rather be happy than right.


Batty: I’ve done… questionable things.
Tyrell: Also extraodinary things; revel in your time.

I finally watched Blade Runner today. That was pretty awesome. I also watched The Bucket List, and half of The Man Who Wasn’t There, right before the DVD conked out. (Lesley once told me in high school I reminded her of a replicant; I’m still not sure I get it though.)


5 Responses to “Getting the short end in the trifecta of sin”

  1. you reminded me that i need to catch blade runner sometime before i kick the bucket…

  2. happycamper said

    you should really watch it! even if only for the whole gritty noir half-japanese look to it. can’t believe they made that in 1982. i think you’ll love the other parts as well :)

  3. was thinking that. didn’t they come out with an extended version of it, or something?

  4. happycamper said

    yup! there was a director’s cut made sometime in the 90s (some subtle changes to the storyline were made), but last year ridley scott released his final cut, which they say is the version that he really intended to make. it was the version i got to watch in the dvd. it’s really good :)

  5. hmmm… revel in your time indeed…

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