Short stories

21 June 2008

Bullet in the Brain by Tobias Wolff, which is one of the prettiest evocative lyrical stories you’ll read.

The Curious Case oF Benjamin Button by F. Scott Fitzgerald, which was made into a film by David Fincher with Brad Pitt and the inimitable Cate B., coming out this year, see the trailer here

On seeing the 100% perfect girl one beautiful April morning by Haruki Murakami (which reminds me a little of the movie Turn Left, Turn Right, which was based on A Chance of Sunshine, which was one of my favorite books/stories of all time, which I found once by serendipity in a Beijing college bookstore, but I gave away my only copy).

And finally, two divergent stories, both on the confessions of old lovers and the power of secrets. A Temporary Matter by Jhumpa Lahiri (“By the end of the meal I had a funny feeling that I might marry you,” he said, admitting it to himself as well as to her for the first time. “It must have distracted me.”) and The Dream of Anonymous Hands by Ethan Hauser. I read this one back in freshman year of college, and it is painfully lovely. (“She could be anyone and she is not anyone—she is Claire, my wife, her hands, and we will find our way to the bed, trip over our shoes, and ruin ourselves for the morning.”) The first paragraph kills me everytime.


6 Responses to “Short stories”

  1. annabanana said

    Oooooh I love “On seeing…” I still remember the feeling I got when I first read it.

    Eto pa, The Smoker by David Schickler pero baka nabasa mo na rin =)

  2. I’ve read this before, but I think you were also the one who showed it to me, back in the day when… hehe. =p I read it again, and dayyyymn.

  3. b. said

    omg bunny. I really love Murakami’s story, too. And, I’ve been looking for Turn Left, Turn Right all over the interwebs with no luck.


  4. happycamper said

    you mean, to download? i think i know someone with a copy, can you rip it?

  5. b. said

    YES! Let’s rippit, buns!

  6. happycamper said

    Rippit good!

    EDIT: i was actually thinking about this 80s? 90s? song, and i really thought the lyrics were RIPPIT GOOD, but i googled, and apparently it’s WHIP IT. hehe:

    Now whip it
    Into shape
    Shape it up
    Get straight
    Go forward
    Move ahead
    Try to detect it
    Its not too late
    To whip it
    Whip it good

    When a good time turns around
    You must whip it
    You will never live it down
    Unless you whip it
    No one gets away
    Until they whip it

    Are you singing this in your head yet? :p

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