Suddenly i'm hungry for some toast

1 June 2008

Because of Toast and Before the Flood & Roar, My Own Little Self by Joe Sorren

While You Were Sleeping by Dan McCarthy

The Listening, The Deal and The Sun is Playing Games with Us from Peter Van Straten

Maze from Process Recess

Woods and Sketch by Alex Noriega

by Strawberry Luna

Je t’aime by Allison Torneros

Take Off, Park and Fall by Chris Appelhans

Dragon and Tree House by Kazu Kibuishi

Someday I just want to be a happy homemaker and read and write and draw and cook and travel. All this career madness notwithstanding.

Art (no idea what the titles are, the site’s in French) by Samuel Ribeyron

And possibly save the world, too.

Superhero by Samuel again.

Spidey and E.T. by Scott Campbell


2 Responses to “Suddenly i'm hungry for some toast”

  1. annabanana said

    aaaaaaaaaaah!!! it’s like a dream! =) favorite ko yung while you were sleeping at yung may robot and old man.

  2. happycamper said

    hehe i love the one with the kid shaking out leaves from a box on top of the tree. =)

    Ayan, nalagyan ko na ng titles yung iba =)

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