18 October 2007

I like John Mayer, he makes good stuff, though I’ve never been a huge fan. But this made me like him more. He talks about changing the way he writes songs and performing, by forcing himself to write songs more quickly, out of necessity, and more often, and to play them raw, unpolished and unedited, in small clubs and random gigs (what he calls getting back to the firefight), a break from big concerts and productions. (At another point he also sheepishly apologizes to the city of New York for the sudden proliferation of all those Gap ads.) It’s good to channel that hunger again, the one that makes you write because you have to, whether it’s for money or a deadline or for the screaming voice inside your head that just won’t shut up. To me it’s like taking the pressure off yourself in writing, taking away the mind-crushing expectation that every piece you produce has to be pitch-perfect and word-perfect, and instead letting the words fall into sentences as they would, if only because there’s no more time to think and rethink and edit and reedit every dang line.

“Stand-up comedians like Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld have it right. They get to the top with their act, only to deconstruct it and start from scratch in a brick basement. That’s the only way I can see staying vital as a musician; picking fights with all the hundreds of excuses that curb creativity.”


4 Responses to “”

  1. Len said

    I absolutely love John Mayer! Sana wag siya magpa-sell-out. :( Tayo din. Haha! You get what I mean. Sana wag tayo malamon ng real life after law school… it’s good to keep that idealism alive. :)

  2. happycamper said

    yepp! =) sana nga! sana ganito pa rin tayo kasaya =)

  3. Hm. But that thing with J. Simp… not so hot, don’t you think? Mahahaha. But he’s cute, and geeky and keeping the music raw and unhollywoodized. I like that, J Simp notwithstanding.

  4. happycamper said

    Didn’t they break up? Hehehe. Len and I talked about that too (JMayer and JSimp? Eww.) And I asked Len, “What could they possibly have in common for them to talk about??” And Len was like, “Bakit, kailangan bang nag-uusap…” Hehe Len’s the best!

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